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Our History

The Chifundo Epilepsy Foundation Malawi was founded by CEO Chifundo Petro to assist the people in Malawi suffering Epilepsy PLUS raise awareness of issues in the African region relating to the condition.

We not only battle for those in the region of Malawi, but are now moving to worldwide services and awareness projects... plus collaborating with charities from all over the globe to help provide support and information for Epilepsy.

about us

The Chifundo Epilepsy Foundation Malawi currently provides services in the Malawi region to support those with the condition:  including work / training opportunities... building local business... educational support... and lobbying for government changes.

Chifundo Petro is also the "ECA Africa Managing director" so has a senior role in the global foundation  Epilepsy Connections Affiliated along with Fred Kiserem (ECA Africa CEO). Having both great local connections along with a global role in Epilepsy gives us a huge scope to battle for Epilepsy.

Our Goals

The vision will want all people affected by epilepsy to receive health care and support they need and public respect, fairness and understanding they deserve

The mission shall be to fight to improve the lives of everyone affected with epilepsy and associated conditions to develop their full potential through: removing stigma and discrimination and delivering unique integrated health, education and care service.


I) Engaging with national and local decision makers in Malawi for productive change, while working with global partner to increase worldwide awareness.

II) Providing advice, information and training to anyone suffering from Epilepsy - either directly OR their family . carers who sacrifice so much.

III) Giving people the skills and opportunities to speak out for themselves and for others affected by Epilepsy via our new global network.

IV) Working to remove barriers to employment and school enrolment in Malawi plus speaking out about this issue globally.


V) Publicly celebrating positive attitudes towards epilepsy and challenging negative attitudes. Using our charity and connections to break down stigmas and myths.


Our ceo...



It is not easy to start an international charity as a young man but some people have the initiative.

Chifundo Pedro founded #CEFM & runs the charity speaking with global groups on a daily basis, along with all the work he does making changes in his own nation for those with Epilepsy.

His tireless work has created a foundation that not only provides changes within the region of Malawi. It is also able to work on a worldwide scale to help broadcast the issues these people are suffering.

Change is a very difficult thing to initiate. It is often the older and wiser that tend to do it. But sometimes the young with passion can do more and it is an amazing thing to watch...

...and support.


The founder and CEO of the "Chifundo Epilepsy Foundation Malawi" is Chifundo Pedro himself... and he works actively on all projects the foundation is engaged in.

He is also the Managing Director of "Epilepsy Connections Affiliated (ECA) Africa department" after his tireless work on international levels.


His focus is on the support of those with Epilepsy and their loved ones... but also to shine a light on the social stigmas and economic disadvantage that goes along with the condition.

Most recently Chifundo has expanded his foundation to global levels, now working with the worldwide Epilepsy affiliate group "ECA" and working with charities not just in Malawi - but all over the world.

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