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please help epilepsy in Malawi via #CEAM

chifundo epilepsy awareness malawi (or#CEAM) is raising funds to assist our new expanding charity services

Your donation can make a huge ONGOING difference by helping us expand our services

Myself and our Malawi based charity "Chifundo Epilepsy Awareness Malawi (or #CEAM) is working on a huge expansion of our charity with our international charity partner Epilepsy Connections Affiliated (or #ECA as they're commonly known globally).

#ECA has already given free services to #CEAM so a new website and social media network could be created whch is now fully operational giving us greater power to expand our services - and several new charities are wishing to work on collaborative projects with too.

HOWEVER unfortunately we are currently having to run this massive new online network and website having to run this brand new website and social media network VIA A PHONE ONLY which greatly reduces our ability to utilise ALL the new avenues we have to work with. This is one of the worst parts of living in a Malawi society... wishing to run a charity with global online capacity (which we DO NOW HAVE have via ECA services) but forced to run this cause using only a phone.

We are asking only for the small investment of a 2nd hand laptop plus some initial medical supplies to help our steadily growing list of clients needing help. The laptop will MASSIVELY increase #CEAM capacity to UTILISE all the new

systems being offered - plus engage with international charities for collaborative work... and being able to offer some already very needy people some medical supplies will assist exponentially.

Some of our global connections have already pledged or made initial donations but we need to public's help to obtain this goal. Please help us provide MORE help to those Epilepsy in Malawi and the world.

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