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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Our foundation works on many projects - both in the region of Malawi AND worldwide. We believe that spreading Awareness combined with fighting Epilepsy worldwide (plus spreading the news of Malawi and Epilepsy issues within the region) is the best way to combat the disease.

So often it is NOT a persons seizures... but how they are treated by society and refused equal opportunities in life. You can find the regular work of our foundation on this page via our blog systems.

Help us help others...

“It is amazing working with foundations like Chifundo's. Not only is he fighting for other people based on his own tragic loss... I am very humbled AND excited to help his foundation expand” (quote) Paul Lang ECA CEO & Founder

There will be regular news on all of our current and prior projects as we update our new website launched August 2020... and you can simply copy/paste the address link of this exact blog to share directly online.

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