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Our foundation is designed to help those with epilepsy find their wings...


Our services

Our foundation provides information services and support programs for those in the region of Malawi who are suffering the effects of Epilepsy. This can take many forms like...


1) Promoting awareness in the community to reduce stigmas and myths...

2) Providing support programs for those with Epilepsy (and their families) to help them access medical and financial support from all avenues available...

3) Publicly lobbying for more support and changes to government / workplace laws that discriminate against Epilepsy...

4) Spreading the word about the issues going on in Malawi and Epilepsy to the whole world via our network.


5) Chifundo also works as the "ECA African Managing Director" so has a position in a major international foundation as a global leader - which can assist in all the above goals.

These services can be accessed either directly by contacting our foundation for support OR if you wish to help assist in projects / collaboration with our charity. People can either contact us  for direct assistance or personal services or they can look at the regular projects WE are doing then ask to take part.

This is designed to make access easy for everyone - either if you need immediate help or if you wish to assist in supporting Epilepsy in Malawi (and worldwide).

Our projects

The "Chifundo Epilepsy Foundation Malawi" runs numerous projects - some ongoing and others which are specific events - both in the region of Malawi but also worldwide. We cover a range of areas in the projects we do including:

A) Our foundation (and particularly our CEO and Founder Chifundo Pedro) run regular school and Public Awareness events. We believe that giving people an UNDERSTANDING of Epilepsy is the best road to reducing stigmas and oppression of people with the condition.

B) We offer a support network for those suffering from the condition - both those WITH Epilepsy but also their family and friends who assist so much - to help people access services both in the region of Malawi but also via our global network. Our international connections allow us to find huge amounts of assistance worldwide also... so if we cannot help you directly we can help you find other organisations that can.

C) Not only do we support awareness for Epilepsy, we work ACTIVELY to assist the local economy of Malawi to help provide and support employment opportunities for those with the condition. So often it is not just Epilepsy itself, but the lack of opportunities and discrimination those with the condition suffer.

This has a spiral effect that leads to lifelong problems then to poverty and lack of care. Allowing those with Epilepsy to have opportunities to live a life where they can be self sufficient is therefore one of our key goals many projects are based on.


D) Many of our projects are also used raise awareness about government, legal , medical and corporate issues in Malawi that COULD be altered to assist those with Epilepsy. Better medical care, access to medications, workplace discrimination, government support programs are all areas we think could be improved. We therefore publicly lobby for these changes to be made PLUS raise the issues in Malawi on a global scale so others can see our plight.

E) We have also worked with our global partner "Epilepsy Connections Affiliated (or ECA)" to meet new charities both in Malawi and worldwide. Most recently (Feb 2021) Chifundo has been given the given the global position of "ECA Africa Managing Director" along with Fred Kiserem (ECA Africa CEO) so he has enormous reach on both a local AND international level.

You can view our current projects listed on our "Awareness Page" (and also on our social media accounts). We list both our current and prior projects which are constantly updated, so you can see what our foundation is involved in plus now what we have done before. We welcome any enquiries about either current or past projects and are happy if people wish to either take part... or simply to enquire about things that are happening / have happened.

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"Chifundo  Epilepsy Foundation

 Malawi" also has numerous social media accounts so you can also check out reguar updates, posts and comments about our work.

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